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Beth Mills
My name is Beth Mills and my husband and I own Millstone Healthcare. I have nearly 20 years experience in sales and financial management. At Millstone, our entire Team has a purpose to help our patients improve their health and prolong their lives without the use of heavy narcotics. We take great pride in our success in helping our patients.

Tammy Schueler
  Office Manager
My name is Tammy Schueler and I am the Office Manager for Millstone Medical. Although I have been with Millstone for twelve years, I have been in the physical medicine field for twenty four years. My family moved from the Charleston, SC area because we fell in love with Greenville while on vacation. I’m here to help with all questions concerning your treatment at Millstone Medical. Call me at the office at 864-269-6131 or send me an email at info@millstonemedicalonline.com

Stephanie Riveria, Front Desk/Assistant Billing
I love working at Millstone because it gives me the opportunity to wear many hats while I pursue my college degree. I just graduated from Berea High in June and I enjoy the different aspects of my job because every day I may be working on something different that helps me explore the kind of degree that I want to obtain. I enjoy helping out at my church in my spare time.

Michele Mason- Billing Manager-

I came to Millstone originally on an internship from ECPI for medical administration, but was hired on in October, 2011. I enjoy going to see movies and eating out. I really enjoy my job and the people that I work with. I feel like part of a family here.