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Auto Accidents/ Personal Injury

After the Injury Health Check List

Take just a moment to check for any symptoms you may have in the days and weeks following an injury.  If you have any symptoms call immediately for an appointment.

  • migraine headache                                       mental dullness                              blackouts
  • numbness in limbs                                        tremors                                             muscle swelling
  • stiff or painful neck                                        rapid heart beat                             night blindness
  • nausea                                                                constipation                                    loss of balance
  • dizziness                                                            diarrhea                                            loss of hearing
  • double vision                                                   early arthritis                                cold hands or feet
  • painful back                                                       painful joints                                  shortness of breath
  • muscle spasm                                                   tension                                             poor memory
  • nervousness                                                      ache all over                                   anxiety
  • tingling in limbs                                               fatigue                                               eye strain
  • insomnia                                                             bursitis                                             periods of depression
  • pinched nerves                                                neuritis                                            any change from pre-
  • ringing in ears                                                  tendonitis                                       accident condition
  • poor circulation                                               loss of neck motion

If you have been in an auto accident recently…. DON”T WAIT!!!  If you think that your back or neck pain will resolve itself, think again.  At Millstone, we specialize in locating and treating structural damage of the musculoskeletal system that is often the result of an overlooked motor vehicle accident.   We’ve treated thousands of area residents with underlying nerve and structural problems and we may also be able to help you.  If you have been involved in a motor vehicle accident, or are experiencing any of the symptoms above call immediately for an appointment.

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