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Pettibon Rehab Program

Our Pettibon Rehab Program in Greenville advances our ability to deliver spine and postural correction to our patients. It uses state of the art therapy techniques to quickly improve a patients’ response to our care. This chiropractic care service promotes faster healing, improved muscle memory, less stress on patients and fantastic results.

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Why do we utilize this Rehab Program?

  1. Your spine houses and protects your Central Nervous System. The Function of the Spinal Cord is to transport messages from the brain to all the vital organs of the body so they can function properly.
  2. You may have damage or interference with the normal activities of the Central Nervous System due to pinched nerves, inflammation, muscle/joint inelasticity, torn ligaments, and tendons, etc.
  3. Pettibon Rehab Easley, SC

  4. We take X-rays which may reveal abnormalities in your bone structure.
  5. Your posture is the “window” to your spine. Nervous system and will reveal abnormalities in both bone and soft tissue.
  6. Postural distortions are a reflection of weakened, distorted structure of the spine, muscle, tendons and ligaments.
  7. Our job is to correct these ditortions. As well as restore proper curvature to the spine so that it is better able to withstand the stress of gravity. We must reduce inflammation as well as strengthen the soft tissue so that it can better hold your spine or joints in place correctly enabling your body/joints to function properly.
  8. Patient benefits include corrected posture, pain reduction and improved balance. As well as better mobility, range of motion, flexibility, muscle strength, and bone density.

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