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Platelet Rich Plasma

If you suffer from pain caused by a degenerative condition or an injury, we offer platelet rich plasma in Greenville that may be a solution you haven’t considered. Most chronic pain sufferers have tried countless different ways to ease their pain. Only to have it return or never go away at all. Platelet-rich plasma or PRP therapy is a unique treatment that’s created from a sample of your own blood. It is non-surgical and drug-free with no side effects and has shown promising results for a range of different issues.

Looking for a safe, effective, non-surgical option for your pain?
Discover the healing power of PRP therapy

What Conditions Can Platelet Rich Plasma Treat?

Our medical doctor uses PRP therapy to treat a wide range of different issues without the need for surgery or drugs. If you’re like so many people today who are seeking out non-surgical solutions for chronic pain, platelet-rich plasma is a good place to start.

Some of the conditions we have treated with PRP therapy include:

Why Choose PRP Therapy?

PRP therapy is so effective because it helps your body’s own healing mechanism to resolve the root cause of your pain.

PRP Therapy Easley, SC By addressing the underlying cause and not just focusing on the symptom, the likelihood of experiencing long-term pain relief is much higher.

Conventional medicine often turns to pain medication to help manage a condition without giving any thought to what caused the pain in the first place. By resolving the underlying cause, the by-product of pain no longer has a reason to exist.

The procedure to create platelet-rich plasma is relatively simple. First, we draw a small sample of your blood and place the blood sample in a centrifuge.

Platelet Rich Plasma Injection Greenville County

As the sample spins, the red blood cells and platelets separate. This leaves behind highly concentrated PRP. This platelet-rich plasma is rich in healing properties. It is injected into your damaged or degraded tissue to help facilitate healing.

This minimally invasive procedure consists of basic injections. It requires little to no downtime after your treatment. It’s made from a sample of your own blood. There are not any side effects. The chance of your body rejecting the treatment is virtually non-existent.

PRP therapy is a viable way to help you find relief for your painful condition without resorting to invasive surgery or risky medication.

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