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At Millstone Healthcare we supervise a Revolutionary Weight Loss Program based on the research of Dr. Simeon’s.

  • This Revolutionary Program is based on Dr. Simeon’s research and has been used around the world by doctors for more than 30 years.
  • It is a medically supervised 3-6 week program for those who want rapid weight loss.
  • On average our patients will lose up to one pound per day of abnormal fat around problem areas.
  • With the weight loss achieved on this diet you can actually change your body without surgery.
  • Increase your metabolism, eliminate hunger and food cravings, and clean the body of toxins.
  • You will feel great and NOT be hungry!
  • The Physician prescribed hormone sheds the abnormal fat from your body, NOT the useful fat you need for structure and energy.
  • Our program is Physician supervised and we provide weekly support and coaching to help you throughout your diet.


Greenville SC Medical Weight-Loss Program