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Mrs. Stancil
I have had Peripheral Neuropathy for 7-8 years. After my nerve conduction test it was found that I had one of the worst cases of neuropathy that they had seen here.
I decided to do the 5 week clinical trial following Dr. Haye's treatment protocol. After 5 weeks I was seeing good improvement. Due to the seriousness of the disease, the improvement has been slow but steady. I am no longer having shooting pains at all! I still have some numbness in my feet but it has definitely improved and the tingling in my legs has improved. My hands are slowly getting better and overall I estimated that I'm about 25% better from when I started care at Millstone. I know that if I continue my home-care I will keep getting better and I will be able to manage the neuropathy for life!!!
Thanks Millstone
Ruby Ivery
I met Tammy in Big Lots one day and she told me about Millstone. I was suffering from arthritis in my low back, tail bone pain and my left foot was turned inward and I had been walking that way for 12 years. My Orthopaedic doctor had only given me insoles for my shoes. Millstone was amazing because my left foot has been straight since my first treatment and my back pain has gotten better every day. i also no longer have any pain in my tail bone. It's a GREAT feeling to be able to walk normally without pain or added pressure on my ankle. Thanks Millstone!
Eunice Rickard
I started coming to Millstone in April of 2010 because I had a lot of pain in my hips, lower back and neck. I had tried going to a Neurologist once and a Chiropractor but it didn't seem to help. After coming to Millstone and experiencing their integrated approach to my care, I have felt the best i have in several years. Everyone has been so nice and helpful and I highly recommend Millstone.
Creighton DouglasCreighton Douglas
I met Dr. Mills at the Shrine Luncheon Club and he told me about Millstone’s Revolutionary Weight Loss Program. I was overweight and had been for two years. Through the HCG Weight Loss Program I was able to loose 34 pounds in 32 days. More importantly, Dr. Mills’ program has allowed me to keep the unnecessary pounds off! Prior to this program, my total cholesterol was 187. After only four weeks, my total cholesterol was 100. I also saw a drop in Triglyceride, HDL, LDL and Glucose levels. I am an example of what Millstone’s Revolutionary Weight Loss Program can do for you!
Jeff Schueler
I began the twenty-one day HCG Weight Loss Program during the month of July, 2010. My goal was to get back to my original adult pant size of a 32 inch waist; I started at a 36 inch waist. During the first three days of the diet, I lost five pounds a day! After the twenty-first day of the diet i had lost a total of twenty-five pounds and was back to my pant size of 32 inches! I would recommend Millstone's HCG Weight Loss Program to anyone who wants fast and permanent weight loss.
Sabra Miller
I first came to Millstone in July 2010. When I started coming my knees had been hurting constantly for nearly a year. I couldn't walk up and down the stairs and getting up from a sitting position was VERY painful. After just one month I am able to get up and down with almost no pain and I am able to go up and down stairs with very little pain. They are still treating me and I am very happy with my progress.